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New Folder Shop
Branding for premium-class Dry Cleaning Atelier based in Kyiv.
Project Dates:
Jan, 2015 → Mar, 2015
Branding, Communication, Brand Strategy, Web design
Branding for premium-class Dry Cleaning Atelier based in Kyiv.
Branding, Communication, Brand Strategy, Web design
Our favourite colour is dazzling white.
Our favourite aroma is lavender.
We make the world cleaner and you — carelessly happy.

Pastiralla is a modern Dry Cleaning company that suggests cleaning, repairing and restoration of clothes. Care for clothing and individual approach are the main priorities for the company.

The brand name itself is a transliteration, a word-play which means "already washed" but sounds in a somewhat Italian manner.

The logo is the name of the company where the letter A is stylised as a clothespin.

Lavender colour was chosen because of the lander fields, their exquisite, romantic and calm palette.

What do you do after almost saying goodbye to your favourite thing? You take it to Pastiralla. Even if ketchup or ice-cream has exploded and wounded it.

Every thing will be cured.

Lavender palette aims at creating calm and soothing
impression, feeling of purity and sense of trust while bright dynamite foods add some destruction to the idealism of the purple tones. These colours are intentionally made contrasting. Actually, these dynamites symbolize stains that will be removed by Pastiralla.

Be aware of the dangerous foods!

We are supporting opinions that care for clothing - the result is important. We offer individual solutions for every separate total thing.
Pastiralla is a cleaning company that has dry cleaning, leather cleaning, home & textile cleaning and bags & footwear restoration at its disposal.

Pastiralla will restore your things before you have time to truly become upset. In just 4 hours they will wash, clean, iron, sew and carry your clothes to the specified address!

Every thing in Pastiralla is the embodiment of thoughtfulness and aesthetics, so little gift cards, to-wash lists and hangers are also carefully decorated with branding.

Concrete by Kovalska
Alexander Pilipenko — The President
Serhii Pilipenko — Chief Executive Officer
Olga Pilipenko — Chief Strategy Officer
Ivan Nizhnyk — Marketing Director
Oksana Gresko — Brand Manager

TS/D Agency
Dima Tsapko — Creative Director
Roman Davydyuk — Senior Art Director
Lina Yakobchuk — Head of Design
Oksana Zmorovych — Designer
Yaroslav Cherkunov — 3D Visualizations
Serhii Shakh — Brandbook Design & Layout
Awards & Publications
2019 — Shortlist — Kyiv International Ad Festival
2019 — Best Of — Ukrainian Design Festival
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