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Creative outdoor advertising campaign for LeSilpo — Ukrainian delicacy grocery store No1. Cutting edge seasonal and festive campaign.

Project Dates:
Apr, 2017 → Aug, 2017
Food is a New Luxury

Advertising, CGI, Strategy, Seasonal Outdoor Campaign

Creative outdoor advertising campaign for LeSilpo — Ukrainian delicacy grocery store No1. Cutting edge seasonal and festive campaign.

Food is a New Luxury

Advertising, CGI, Strategy, Seasonal Outdoor Campaign

Le Silpo is a delicacy grocery store that has everything to turn an ordinary day into a special one.
Le Silpo is a chain of self-service upscale supermarkets with premium range of food and non-food goods from the best manufacturers from more than 100 countries. With four concept stores dedicated to gourmet customers in search of quality products, the Le Silpo chain represents locations of excellence in the main Ukrainian cities.
Every season we take the risk to avoid traditional composition in groceries advertising — and this all is just to entertain the Customer!
Le Silpo is a destination for those who are hungry for the finer things in life — people who have tried a lot and have developed a taste for exclusive entertainment. To cater to such discerning palates, we had to create a series of print ads in which money is not an issue.

Le Silpo is a delicacy grocery supermarket. Unlike most of it's competitors which are more about prices and special offers, they use outdoor advertising to entertain their customers in a very simple way — re-thinking the role of food in a human-kind manner. In this campaign the task was to draw the attention to the fresh veggies and food by placing them into unusual situations.

The challenge to prepare an entire advertising campaign in 3 days from a scratch got successfully completed only thanks to TS/D Agency © Olesya Chorna
With this outdoor campaign we managed to get a demanding audience interested and entertained for a long while. We were exploring the ideas of luxury and exclusivity and transferred them into the world of fruits, vegetables, other supermarket products. The insight of the campaign was to show style, habits and standards of life of target audience from the perspective of groceries. That was a fantastic advertising challenge of shifting perceptions. We created a sense of fun, but without "banging the same old drum".

The campaign itself was not massive, there were 20 big boards in 3 cities, however it got large media coverage and public response. Social media were actively discussing, marketing managers used it as an example of a perfect outdoor campaign.

Seasonal outdoor campaigns of Le Silpo and TS/D Agency became a good tradition and everyone is looking forward for a new series.
Every series is basically dedicated to the change of seasons, holidays or openings of new stores. We have made vivid spring storyline, cool summer theme and spooky Halloween series. Le Silpo Specialty Grocery store is known by its non-standard approach to communication. According to the season we made their products flying in the air, floating in melting snow streams, wearing sunglasses, riding bikes at seaside or simply enjoying cocktails on the beach.

Fozzy Group
Pavel Roganov — Vice President of Marketing
Dmitry Tsygankov — Marketing Director
Olesya Chorna — LeSilpo Brand Manager

TS/D Agency
Dima Tsapko — Creative Director
Roman Davydyuk — Senior Art Director
Lina Yakobchuk — Head of Design
Oksana Zmorovych — Designer
Yaroslav Cherkunov — 3D Visualizations

Awards & Publications
2017 — Silver — ADC*UA
2017 — Shortlist — ADC*UA
2017 — Silver — KAKADU
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