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Creating the remarkable visual identity and communication strategy for one of the leaders of Ukrainian Decorative Coatings market.
Project Dates:
Dec, 2018 → Sep, 2019
Elf Decor
Brand Strategy, CGI, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
Creating the remarkable visual identity and communication strategy for one of the leaders of Ukrainian Decorative Coatings market.
Elf Decor
Brand Strategy, CGI, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
The main task of the Brief was to keep the current Elf name. Sure, we argued and failed. And then decided to shift an attention to Decor part.
Elf Decor is a manufacturer of decorative coatings based in Ukraine, established in 2006. They produce modern, high quality materials and resell products of world leaders in this industry. Their customers are interior designers, specialists in wall coatings and household owners that are making works on their own. Most of all Elf Decor clients value their products for its safety, resistance, easy to deal with.

For Elf Decor we had to create a remarkable visual identity system in order to differentiate the brand on a quality level. First of all we had to determine its market positioning, understand its niche and analyze competitors. We wanted to set the brand apart from generic manufacturers of coating materials, so we built the brand personality and unique tone of voice through Brand Archetypes. Also we identified main customer touchpoints and offered a design solution for each of them.
Flat logo was just not enough. Bauhaus in 3D? We definitely should have given a try. And, damn, it worked.
TS/D guided the rebranding of Elf Decor developing a modern brand image. We started with the logo and to make it recognisable, we created a monogram using the brand's initials. The balanced composition of letters E and D together with sophisticated color scheme of the logo reflects how modern technology blends with simple and neat aesthetics. It feels elegant, classy and memorable.

Really, the graphic prototype could easily be fit to any kind mood of interrior — from classy Venice style, to industrial Loft and Minimalism.
Think Timeless. Create like Leonardo. This was the client's melting point and further Brand Book development was an easy pleasure trip.
Our next task was to create a tone of voice which would appeal to the professional workers and designers as well as to the household owners. It had to be clear, honest and confident to portray the brand's values and selling points in a simple but powerful way. At the same time it had to be rational and witty to describe innovation from a human point of view.

The keyword TIMELESS, that we used in slogan and messaging reflects perfectly main idea of the brand — to offer high quality long lasting modern materials. Think timeless — create timeless. The message, that clearly communicates core values to all segments of audience.
The Visual identity is formal and elegant that reflects Elf Decor spirit and values, and at the same time feel to be a real Hypebeast. © Pavlo Burtsev
Clean-cut and simple lines that we used in logo design allow to the company to introduce brand identity elements into physical spaces, aligning interior and exterior design with their branding.

Patterns is a very powerful instrument that is often used to boost branding and create more brand recognition. Depends on the usage they may have different character: brighter for the souvenirs and decor and calmer for interiors. We created them enough unique to be easily recognised even without the full version of logo.
Elf Decor
Volodymyr Krol — Co-founder & CEO
Marina Loshchytska — Deputy Director
Pavlo Burtsev — Head of Marketing
TS/D Agency
Dima Tsapko — Creative Director
Roman Davydyuk — Creative Group Head
Lina Yakobchuk — Head of Design
Anastasia Radchenko — 3D Artist
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