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TS/D Agency — ex. Tough Slate Design. The Best Branding Agency in Ukraine in 2014—2018
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Corporate Identity — 18
Graphic Design — 54
Packaging — 24
Advertising — 64
Web Design — 23
Craft & Illustration — 102
Multi Page Issues — 16
Motion Graphics — 12
Product Design — 2
Digital & New Media — 4
Photography — 27
Foods & Drinks — 43
Real Estate — 18
Fashion & Beauty — 54
Agro & Technology — 12
Information Tech — 16
Banking & Finance — 9
Education — 1
Entertainment — 24
Arts & Culture — 21
Publishing — 1
Awarded — 83
Published — 37
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Agency Credentials
TS/D is a Multidisciplinary, Independently-Owned Creative Agency based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in July, 2013, for several years in a row (2014—2018) was nominated for Branding Agency of the Year by All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition. In 2019 and 2020 TS/D ranked among Top 5 Ukrainian Creative Agencies in the Creative Rating of AUAC. Our dedicated team works from the office situated in the historical part of Kyiv. Here's an address where you can find us: office 39, 9 Dehtiarna Str, Kyiv 04071 Ukraine. We are open Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 19:30.

Awards & Publications:

With more then 280 Awards of Local & International Festivals of Creativity & Design in total, we've been recognised with top honours from major creative award shows including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Red Dot, Epica, ADC*E, Eurobest, Golden Drum, European Design Awards, EFFIE Ukraine, AdStars, Kyiv International Festival of Creativity, ADC*UA, UA Design etc. Our work has also been featured in numerous publications of top magazines and websites, including Fubiz, Luerzer's Archive, TheDieLine, Packaging of the World, Ads of the World, Ad Forum, World Brand Design, Creativity Online etc.
We create Brands from scratch. We just need a Sparkle of Idea what the Future Brand is going to be about — and this is the Client's Brief. Then we develop a Brand Platform, which is a Brand DNA consisting of Brand Archetype, Tone of Voice, Positioning, Brand Essence, RTBs, Brand Message, Target Audience and it's Motivations. Naming is developed right after then, using Brand Platform as a directions guide. Then we proceed to visual part and develop Logo & Identity, Visual Language and other essential elements needed for the Brand Launch.
Branding & Brand Platform
Once we have a Brand, it needs to talk to its Audience. And we make it talk in any convenient and effective way — YouTube Pre-Rolls, TVC, OOH, Social Media Advertising, Print, Banner Ads, Non-Standard & Guerilla Advertising. We care that communication reveals Client's Insight and involves the Audience into interaction. We also care that communication is consistent and delivers one clear message. Most of all we care that the Brand gets emotional reaction and speaks directly to the customer's heart. Be famous or die — this is the way how Marketing works. And we make sure that every Brand we work with get its fame. Without exception.
Creative Strategy
We believe that the main purpose of Graphic Design — is to Make Life Simpler. This doesn't mean that we are adepts in minimalistic design. Instead we are sure, that the whole point of Design is to create visual impact and memorable face for the Brand. We stick to the following principle in our work: the most unique solution for the product is a good design; the product people talk about — is the best design ever. To create visuals that capture the eye and bring the brand essence to life requires not only artistic skills but also profound research. At the first stage of every project we check what are our competitors are up to, measure what audience wants, examine the brand perceptions and determine what exactly motivates audiences to buy the brand's product or service. Based on this data we do our own 360 degrees concept development to deliver experiences that excite and attract.
Graphic Design & Packaging
This is surely one of our Super Powers. That's where we have no limits in Execution and can go with creative communication as far as our client is ready to. Needless to say that motion communication is the next big thing. We have started with 3D Key Visuals 8 years ago and by now we managed to find our own style in video, that goes from realistic 3D Packshot to cartoonish Fantasy Worlds. We know that our Clients need content that is different. Different from the expectations of their viewers and their own expectations as well. We also know that people respond to the stories. That's why we create video and animation that illustrate the story behind a brand, product or service through the magic of motion. It's proven that videos help customers feel a sense of connection to the brand. We use motion to enhance brands, to ensure that they stand out.
3D & Motion Design
We do care of every tiny detail. We believe that it is as important as strategic message of the campaign. It brings this feeling of superior 'completeness' which subconsciously states about the quality of the product. Yes, there is a strong link between Idea and Craft, they go together in synergy to deliver final excellent result. We do both 2D and 3D Craft in many different styles and moods driven by the only goal — to provide a unique sophisticated feel. And we know how to reach it.
Craft — 2D & 3D
Each project is a unique start and finish. No templates. No bounds. No routine. No fear. Probably, this is the reason why some of our clients remain with us from the very beginning. We do care of tiny details — sometimes they mean as much as global strategic solutions.

Client's brand experience is the pure inspiration that sparkles with insights. We just have to set up the vibe and develop a thorough approach to make them work. Work for a stronger brand. Brand that will inspire people with ideas for better living.
Great Idea wouldn't Survive without Passion from the both sides — Agency & Client.
We tend to minimize distortion between Client and Agency, thus we rely on Notion & Miro Apps more than on a horde of Account and Project Managers. This system has proven its efficiency working Swiss-Precise on early Covid Lockdown phases in 2020. Looks like a Team of 10 Creatives can do the scope of a big agency and achieve much more sophisticated results. No Entropy. No Misunderstanding. No Panic. Client and Agency collide to deliver best solution ever together — this is, we consider, one of the most important parts of the Project Workflow.
By establishing direct contact between Creators of work and the Clients, we tend to exclude many obstacles that may appear during the Project Flow and Approval Process.
TS/D Team
80+ Years of Overall Multi Discipline Industry Experience
Dima Tsapko
General Management, Strategy, New Business
Roman Davydyuk
Creative & Art Direction, CGI & 3D Animation, Illustration
Julia Tkachenko
Graphic Design, Pre-press Preparations, CGI
Yaroslav Cherkunov
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging, Illustration, CGI
Serhii Shakh
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Typography
Rita Radkevich
Graphic Design, Packaging, Illustration, Concept Creation
Daria Neva
CGI, 3D Art & Animation, Graphic Design
Vitalina Tsyganok
Client Service, New Business, Office Operations
Maryna Tsyganok
Strategy, Copywriting, SEO & Social Media
Maryna Shpakovych
Accounts & Operations, Finances, Administrative
Misha Tsapko
Web Design, Motion Design, Sound Design
Anastasia Karpovych
Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Craft & Art Illustration
We do all projects internally. No other Vendors. No Freelance or Outsource. This approach is the Key to the Quality Control. Projects shown below — are the result of Team work on all stages — from Strategy & Ideation Stage to final polishing on our own internal Production.
Top Recent
300+ Projects
3.5 Weeks
Done since July 2013
Average Project Time
Local/International Clients
Awards Won since July 2013
BRIEF: To announce Black Friday Sales in most unusual way. Make focus on variety of products in ALLO.

IDEA: The World got tired of Covid-19 and social disasters. More over, Black Matters movement looked exactly like Black Friday in some soft cases.

EXECUTION: So we decided — No Black Friday in 2020. And, on contrary, let there be a Sweet Friday 2020 — with all its cute & pink Creatures, three-headed Corgi and positive vibes of the sales mood.
Sweet Friday 2020
Channels: TVC + Digital + Instore Ads + SMM
Project Time: approx 10 weeks
Client: ALLO
BRIEF: To announce Love Season Sales in most unusual way. Make focus on variety of products in ALLO. Make Hearts of Clients pounding.

IDEA: Answer was in a Brief — why don't we make each product resembling the main symbol of Love — a Heart? Moreover, the same symbol is used for expressing the appreciation in Social Media.

EXECUTION: We got to Product Design Experiment — created Brand New Love Shaped Products. People enjoyed it, some of them were asking whether these heart-shaped items are for sale)
Love Season 2020
Channels: YouTube + OOH + Instore + SMM
Project Time: approx 6 weeks
Client: ALLO
BRIEF: To create outstanding Visual Language and Message reflecting main Brand Value — Self Acceptance. To announce constant discount prices.

IDEA: You can do and feel whatever want — Prostor is always here to deliver the best prices and services. We aimed to show some funny contrasts which, we believe, reflect our TA daily routine.

EXECUTION: We built carousel as the main engine of the animation. This is a good method to show the variety and contrast, but to stay at the same mood.
Whatever You Do
Channels: TV + Digital + OOH + Instore + SMM
Project Time: approx 9 weeks
Client: Prostor
BRIEF: To create outstanding TVC and OOH which convey main benefits of the Brand to it TA.

IDEA: To Show Non-Stop Cans as a Gears of Mechanism which moves daily routine of the TA.

EXECUTION: We built Day and Night Mechanisms which include galaxy of details that describe the activity of the day. We did not include music on purpose — that made the TVC stand out in Advertising Block.
Moves Your Life
Channels: TV + Digital + OOH + SMM
Project Time: approx 9 weeks
Client: New Products — Non-Stop
This functional cocktail appeared on the market in May 2005 to change Ukrainian consumers' vision of alcohol-free energy drinks. The principal difference of NON STOP™ from other energy drinks is in its new, improved formula. This drink differs from other energy cocktails by the increased content of caffeine and taurine.

These natural stimulants provide a quick burst of energy, and a powerful vitamin complex (C, B5, B6, B9, PP) that helps compensate the lack of these substances in the body. These very vitamins and stimulants effectively solve problems associated with increase of mental and physical activities. That is why energy drink NON STOP™ is indispensable during studies, work, exercises and sports, outdoor activities, parties and driving in long trips.
BRIEF: To announce Black Friday Sales in most unusual way. Make focus on variety of products in ALLO.

IDEA: We talk about prices in ALLO which literally broke down to the bottom. Deep deep bottom with all its' inhabitats — Golum-like monsters, some other creatures (revealed in wave 2, which is still under NDA)/

EXECUTION: Showing the process of breaking the bottom was never so exciting. Enjoy!
Black Friday 2021
Channels: TVC + Digital + Instore Ads
Project Time: approx 8 weeks
Client: ALLO
Projects below can be treated Single Channel as well as parts of Long Term Brand Strategy. We will take our time and make more consistent cases later, when there be less of Workload. For now on, please, also pay attention of different styles of Visual Language.
Top Recent Single Channel [mostly Digital] Projects
Cashback TVC
Channels: TVC + Digital + Instore Ads
Project Time: approx 8 weeks
Client: Prostor
Non Stop Endless Ads
Channels: YouTube
Project Time: approx 4 weeks
Client: New Products Non Stop
The Taste of Your Dark Side
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 3 weeks
Client: New Peoducts — Diablo Energy

Legal Energy
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 3 weeks
Client: New Products — Green Energy Drink
Cyber Sport Ads
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Non Stop
Week of Champions League
Channels: YouTube + InStore TV
Project Time: approx 3 weeks
Client: Helen Marlen
Drivers Ad
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Non Stop
NY Tree Ad
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 2 weeks
Client: Prostor
Ideal Delivery Exists
Channels: YouTube + Instore TC
Project Time: approx 2 weeks
Client: Justin Delivery
Revo Head-Off Series
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Revo Energy
Shake Mixer Series
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Shake
Shake Neon Can Series
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Shake
Why Not Absurd Video
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 5 weeks
Client: New Products — Why Not
Low Budget Poster
Making Of
Channels: YouTube + Digital Ads
Project Time: approx 2 weeks
Client: The Earth As Blue As An Orange Movie