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Rebranding for biggest Ukrainian concrete and constructive materials manufacturer with 50+ years history.
Project Dates:
Apr, 2017 → Aug, 2017
Concrete by Kovalska
Rebranding, Identity, Communication Strategy
Rebranding for biggest Ukrainian concrete and constructive materials manufacturer with 50+ years history.
Concrete by Kovalska
Rebranding, Identity, Communication Strategy
There was a need to build an identity as solid as concrete to convey the brand character and underline Brand's heritage built over decades.
At the moment, concrete is not just the trend — it is needed as never before, and the need only grows. The reputation of the brand is confirmed by statistics: millions of shipped cubic meters of concrete, as well as the fact that every second object uses Concrete by Kovalska.

There was a great demand for the outstanding identity, not the logo only, like it was before the re-branding. The more the simple, the better — it was easy to stick to constructive design direction and use it to build easily recognizable graphic instruments. Despite the simplicity of the logo's geometric shapes soon you'll make sure how efficient it can be in constructing a bold and memorable identity.
The reputation of the brand is confirmed by the numbers: millions of cubic meters of concrete shipped, as well as the fact that every second facility uses Kovalska Concrete.
'Concrete by Kovalska' is a bright example of the construction epic at the domestic market. For 15 years the brand complies with all features applicable to a leader in the field of the manufacture of quality concrete products: more than 1500 formulas, 600 concrete mixing transport trucks with volumes ranging from 4 to 12m³, 28 concrete mixing facilities, 15 polygons and test grounds with up-to-date equipment for producing reinforced concrete products.

Recently, the legendary brand has renewed itself, effectively becoming a mark of quality for the next generation of architects, designers and builders. Currently, concrete is not just trending, it is needed more than ever and the need is constantly growing.

Simple basic shapes we used for branding turned up to be a solid and variable identity at the end.
Stylish constructive basic graphic module: concrete is the first and basic material for construction. The symbol is rich in primitives, from which we will create numerous patterns — thus faceless concrete will acquire interesting images, derived from it.

We did some animation as well — just to prove that primitives have limitless chances to evolve and develop into a solid graphic identity — from posters to branding of concrete carrier vehicles. Moreover, there almost no material limitations: simple shapes can just be produced of any material, no matter how soft or hard it is.
'Concrete. You can make just anything: even a helicopter!' — says Alexander Pilipenko, the President of the Company.
Evolution. There is hardly a term that can more accurately describe the continuous process of qualitative change that has been taking place at Kovalska for 60 years. The most striking example of the success of evolution is Concrete by Kovalska, the company's DNA, its core product and its greatest pride.

Straight and clean geometric shapes, unique textures and minimalism have become the basis of restyling of the Concrete by Kovalska brand. The purpose was to portray the character of the brand in the most convenient to perceive form and, at the same time, to aesthetically reproduce the greatest values of the company — stability, constructiveness and passion for business.

Concrete by Kovalska
Alexander Pilipenko — The President
Serhii Pilipenko — Chief Executive Officer
Olga Pilipenko — Chief Strategy Officer
Ivan Nizhnyk — Marketing Director
Oksana Gresko — Brand Manager

TS/D Agency
Dima Tsapko — Creative Director
Roman Davydyuk — Senior Art Director
Lina Yakobchuk — Head of Design
Oksana Zmorovych — Designer
Yaroslav Cherkunov — 3D Visualizations
Serhii Shakh — Brandbook Design & Layout
Awards & Publications
2019 — Shortlist — Kyiv International Ad Festival
2019 — Best Of — Ukrainian Design Festival
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